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Natural Disaster Sports Nutriton

NDSN's mission is to create complete supplements that are high quality, high potency and affordable. NDSN's supplement ingredients are all dosed at the high end of whats been researched clinically in humans for performance enhancement and recovery. This ensures guaranteed effective supplements to everyone at any experience level. NDSN's supplements are free from artificial colors and flavors as well as any unnecessary fillers or banned substances. NDSN want's to provide very clean, naturally flavored, high potency products that everyone can trust as well as easily afford. We work hard enough and spend enough on food and gym memberships but when it comes to supplements there are very few that are trustworthy or affordable. NDSN ensures the best quality as well as effectiveness for a very affordable price.

The Company


Review of NDSN's pre workout Pre Storm. Tried it today for the first time. Took a full serving. No joke the scoop is the size of one you'd get in a jug of whey protein. 8g of citrulline I love. 4.8g of beta alanine is the highest I've seen but awesome, more on that later. 7 grams of BCAAs so it's literally two products in one. 2 grams of GlycerPump which is kind if a newer thing I don't know a lot about. The owner, Ryan, can explain that better than I can. Supposed to help shuttle glycerine (sugar) into your muscles I think. Anyway. I did a shoulder workout the day after a chest workout which I don't like doing but I did it last week so I wanted to test it under the same conditions. Did the same routine too. Started with 4 sets for rear delts like I usually do then end with them also. Hit a couple extra reps with the 30s than I normally get. Seated dumb bell press I hit what I normally would. Hammer Strength shoulder press again got 1-2 extra reps per set. Barbell upright rows I actually set a personal record by three reps for when I do them after two pressing movements and I do them (and everything) very strict. No swinging, jerking, booking it any of that BS. Lateral raises again a couple extra reps than normal. Front raises again more reps than normaI. Hit two more exercises and again 1-2 more reps than last week. I'd noticed a theme of not fatiguing as quickly and had more endurance and getting 1-3 extra reps most exercises, especially as I got later into the workout. Also after my workout I wasn't as tired. Could have been because I got a good night's sleep though. Either way I noticed a very nice effect from it and you're stupid not to buy it while it's being sold for $26 lol. I'm 225 lbs at 7% body fat so women or people new to working out could probably take half the dose and get similar effects.

John Yarnall

Haven’t posted about it yet bc I wanted a full week to try it. But I can say that this is by far the best pre workout I’ve had in a very long time. Stamina maintains at a high level and the pumps are insane. For anyone looking to try something different hit my boy Ryan Emmons up! Great job on a quality product

Eric Hammer

Had yet to try a pre-workout that both tastes good and actually makes me feel anything positive, until @n_d_s_n Pre-Storm. After being out of the gym for a week and traveling about 900 miles today, took a HALF-SCOOP straight to the head - no crazy spikes or dips in energy, but a very consistent boosted feeling for both energy and endurance that I’m just not used to feeling 😍 Successfully traded a night full of obnoxious yawning for a ridiculous sweat and even a decent pump from accessory work!! Squats 465 1x3
Wide Stance Squats 435 5x3
Incline Press 245 5x3
GHR 4x12
Lat Pulldown 165 3x10
Cable Curl 90 3x10

Joe Larger